Program Plan & Budget

Program plan and budget inquiries should be sent directly to the California Department of Education Integrated Student Support & Programs Office.


2021-24 FYSCP Program Plan and Budget

Includes Word and PDF versions of the FYSCP Program Plan and Budget Template

FYSCP Budget Resource Guide Updated Version Coming Soon!

CDE guidance updated August 12, 2021

FYSCP Fiscal Forms14

This page contains documents necessary to report fiscal information as required by Foster Youth Services grants.

FYSCP Needs Assessment Sample for Local Use

2020 Budget Act/SB 98 and Foster Youth

CDE Guidance August 2020

How is FYSCP funding determined?

The FYSCP funding formula is based on the number of pupils in foster care in the county on census day, and the number of school districts in the county. The Unduplicated Pupil Count (UPC) is used to determine the number of pupils in foster care and is typically posted on the CALPADS UPC Source File web page in the spring. CALPADS Fall 1 certified census day enrollment data may be used to estimate the number of pupils in foster care for funding purposes if the current year UPC is not yet available. Census day enrollment reports are available on DataQuest.

What is the FYSCP Program Plan?

The program plan is completed for each FYSCP three-year grant cycle and is updated, as necessary, to align with the needs assessment and program budget. Grant and program plan information is located on the CDE Foster Youth Services web page.

What is the FYSCP Needs Assessment?

The purpose of the FYSCP is to increase the overall capacity of the education community in counties, to expand access to services, and assist LEAs in the delivery of direct services for foster youth with the goal of improving educational outcomes.

In order to ensure that each FYSCP creates a program plan that aligns with the needs of the students and stakeholders in their jurisdiction based on the unique and local needs, each COE conducts a needs assessment. This can be done as often as necessary and informs the plan and budget of the FYSCP.