Additional Direct Service Funds for Foster Youth

AB 130

Section 141 of Assembly Bill 130 allocates $30 million to county offices of education (COEs) to provide direct services to foster youth.

Will AB 130 funding continue after 2024?

AB 130 is one-time funding that must be expended by June 30, 2024. At this time there has been no discussion regarding additional funding.

Approved November 2022

What are the reporting requirements for AB 130 funding?

Section 141 of AB 130 states that, “The State Department of Education shall require county offices of education to report publicly the number of foster youth served, services provided, and the amount of funding spent pursuant to this section.” FYSCPs will provide this information through the End of Year Report and the CDE will compile and post this data on their web page that all COEs can link to meet the public reporting requirement.

Approved November 2022

How does the FYSCP ensure there is no duplicating and/or supplanting services using the AB 130 funds, and that the services are reaching students in foster care? 

Best practice would include the following steps to ensure supplemental activities that do not supplant.

Approved November 2022

What are allowable activities utilizing AB 130 funds and allowable matched funds?

Please review resources on the Hub Direct Services Funds (AB 130) page for additional information. If you have questions about a specific activity, contact the CDE team directly at

Approved November 2022